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Den Hele Ekvipage is owned by Helle Knudsen, and is located in the small town of Nørager in Denmark. Currently the facility houses a riding school which follows the Horse In Harmony training principles by Ute Lehmann. It is also used for horse boarding and training and is currently home to approximately 24 horses of all shapes and sizes.

Good horsemanship skills, training and welfare are key elements to everyday life at Den Hele Ekvipage, so naturally Helle and other qualified trainers at the stable also offer services in those principles. 


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Danish Episode | Ekvipage Podcast

This is a special Danish episode which is actually 2 mini podcats in one. This podcast is also available on Stitcher and YouTube. Want to support Den Hele Evkipage and future podcasts? Check out...

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Influencing change starts with education. Therefore we want to set a large focus on creating an educational resource, starting with a video library that can be used by anyone. These videos will be centered around welfare topics, basic training and horsemanship as well as learning to have fun with your horse through agility training. There will also be more focused topics that will be targeted at riding schools and boarding facilities, however the principles are always the same, and can be applied to most situations, whether you have 1 horse or many.

By becoming a Patron, your money will be put towards creating more videos as well as going into the project as a whole. You get to be a part of the community and contribute to change in the industry.

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