Our Paddock Paradise™ project sets focus on welfare and natural equine management.

Paddock Paradise Project

We firmly believe that better welfare for horses is needed. This starts at the core of having better facilities and environments for horses to live in. This is why we have decided to begin the process of building a Paddock Paradise™ for our horses. We truly believe this is the best way to keep happy and healthy horses. To do this we are using the expertise of Paddock Paradise Europe to help us design the perfect system for our horses here at Den Hele Ekvipage. We plan to document the entire process and share our finding here on the blog.

What Is Paddock Paradise™?

The following is an excerpt from Paddock Paradise Europe. For more information about Paddock Paradise™ we highly recommend that you head over to their website.

In the wild, horses are constantly on the move. In doing so , they form trails or ‘tracks’ that lead them  to places of interest and have specific survival value for the horse. The life of a herd takes place in a well-defined area and depending on the availability of forage and water, these horses will travel distances of upto 30 km per day whilst constantly eating.

Paddock Paradise™ is our ‘domestic’ version of this wild environment. Simply put it is a simulation of the natural situation. Like in the wild, a Paddock Paradise™ forms an endless system of tracks within an outlined area. Within this system of tracks, the horses are fed and protected from all outside influences.

As you can probably imagine, the design of such a paddock is of great influence on its workabillity. The length and width of the tracks, where they lead to and how to construct these safely? What type of surfacing should we use, how can we feed more naturally and how to keep the tracks dry throughout the wet season?

Over the years we have found answers to all of these questions and many more. No matter the size of the plot or soil you are on, our ‘hands on’ experience offers solutions to all your questions.

Paddock Paradise Europe


In addition to the Paddock Paradise™ project, we are continually educating ourselves in all aspects of equine husbandry. This includes education of proper hoof management, good nutrition and working closely with professionals such as veterinarians, massage therapists, physiotherapists, professional horse trainers, horse dentists, farriers and much more.

We want to lead by example and show the practical aspects of natural horse care and welfare. We want to show that you can still operate successful riding schools, and boarding/training facilities without causing excessive stress on horses. Therefore we will be sharing our process and experiences here on the blog and in the video library. 

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