We love horse agility and are building a mountain trail course.

Horse Agility

Horse agility and trail strengthens the cooperation between you and your horse. You learn to be more attentive to your horses signal, and at the same time, it trains your horse’s balance, coordination, and courage.

It is no secret that here at Den Hele Ekvipage we are wild about horse agility. It is the perfect way to do training and have some fun at the same time.

Currently, we offer arrangments on our agility course at Den Hele Ekvipage as well as a mobile agility course that can be brought to you instead.

We are currently also working on a special video series that focuses on agility, and it will be available in the video library starting in Danish first, then English at a later time.

Are you in Denmark and interested in learning more about what agility arrangments and services we offer? Please visit our Danish website here.

Djurs Horse Park

We want to introduce the internationally known horse sport Mountain- and Extreme Mountain Trail to Denmark. This discipline is about negotiating different obstacles, in a park dedicated to the purpose. A park that takes inspiration from extreme and mountain like conditions, consisting of both natural and ”man-made” obstacles.

With inspiration from the US and Germany, the park will include a mix of pools, water stairs, hills, gravel pits, fallen timber etc. And onto more ”man-made” obstacles such as seesaws, bridges, boxes etc. To accommodate both competition and clinics, spectator- parking- and guesthouse facilities will also be included. All, with the purpose of challenging horses and riders in a new and inspiring way!

With Djurs Horse Park we strive towards greater unity across all the different horse disciplines in Denmark. Mountain Trail does not depict between the different disciplines, horse breeds or equipment used. This means, that Djurs Horse Park and the Mountain Trail park is open for everyone. In that sense, Djurs Horse Park can be a center for all disciplines across Denmark and Scandinavia, where we can learn from each other, be inspired and evolve good horse training.

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